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SFDI 2011 Work/Study Application

To be considered for work-study, please print this page, complete it, and mail it with a $25 deposit (to apply towards festival registration) to:
Dance Art Group
PO Box 22513
Seattle, WA 98122

Work/study earns $150 credit for 13 hours of work.

This work/study application and $25 deposit serve as your festival registration and deposit. Please also enclose the festival registration form and select an Intensive teacher. You do not need to send the $50 deposit specified on the registration form.

Before you apply, please read the Important Information at the end of the page.

Name: ________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________

City/State/Zip: ______________________________

Phone: ______________________________

E-mail: ______________________________

Do you have a car available to use? Yes      No

Do you have theater/tech experience? Describe.

Please describe your financial need/situation.
(You may choose to state your yearly income.)

SFDI Work/Study IMPORTANT Information

  1. We must receive a completed application with a $25 deposit before we can consider you for work study. Your $25 deposit goes towards your registration for the festival. Work/study is limited and does fill-up.

  2. Your $25 deposit is non-refundable except if we are not able to offer you work/study and you are therefore unable to attend the festival, in which case we will refund your deposit.

  3. Work/study does not cover the entire cost of festival registration; it gives you a $150 credit toward registration. You must pay the balance by the first day of the festival. If your work/study application is accepted, your remaining balance will be $255 if paid in full by 7/1/11 or $310 if paid after 7/1/11. If you want the early registration rate, you must pay your balance by July 1.

  4. You CAN still take advantage of the early registration discount if you apply and are accepted for work/study AND send in the total early registration fee minus your work/study credit by July 1.

  5. You must register for the whole festival to get work/study (people only doing part of the festival are not eligible for work/study).

  6. Most work/study occurs DURING the festival, not beforehand.

  7. You must be able to attend the work/study meeting the opening day of the festival, Sunday, July 31, from 4-6pm.

  8. Please be aware that some work/study people may need to miss a few classes when helping with tech work in the theater or working the registration desk.

  9. Each work/study person will be required to attend approximately 3-4 non-Intensive classes that are assigned to them, to be class monitor. You fully participate in the classes, but you are required to attend each class in its entirety, and you may not choose other classes during those class slots. We will do our best to accommodate your class preferences but you might be assigned to monitor a class that is your second choice.

  10. Examples of work/study jobs include sweeping studios, cleaning bathrooms, monitoring classes, ushering and ticket-taking, tech assistance, clean-up, set-up, working the registration table, and other wondrous jobs to help create a well-run festival.

  11. We will notify you if you have been accepted or not for work/study. Unfortunately, because we have always had more requests than available openings, we are not able to accept all applicants. We do keep a waiting list.

  12. If you have questions, call 206/686-7323 or .